Applied Psychology

The MSc programme in Applied Psychology offers three concentrations: “Development & Education”, “Organizations & Society”, and “Mental Health & Well-being”. English is the medium of instruction for the programme, and high-caliber psychology professors and scholars are recruited globally for this programme. The programme curriculum adopts the newest and the cutting-edge materials, theories and methods. The programme emphasizes the development of students’ ability for conducting research, and it provides excellent preparation for the graduates of the programme to pursue Ph.D. degrees in the top world-class universities in the future. For those who do not plan to pursue further Ph.D. studies, the programme design with three different applied concentrations also prepares them well for being competitive in the professional job market after graduation.
  Three Concentrations
Course Groupings (I, II, III) Development & Education Organizations & Society Mental Health & Well-being
Common Core No. of Units
PSY5010 Research Methods (Integrated) 3
PSY5020 Quantitative Methods in Psychology & Social Sciences 3
PSY5030 Professional Ethics 3
PSY5040 Research Project (Thesis topic aligned with the concentration) 3
I. Development & Education Group      
PSY5110 Educational & School Psychology 12 (4 courses from Group I) 9 (3 courses from Groups I and III; at least one course from each of the two groups) 9 (3 courses from Groups I and II; at least one course from each of the two groups)
PSY5120 Child and Adolescent Development
PSY5130 Educational & Psychological Testing
PSY5140 Learning & Cognition
PSY5150 Advanced Topics in Educational Psychology
II. Organizations & Society Group    
PSY5210 Organizational Behavior 9 (3 courses from Groups II and III; at least one course from each of the two groups) 12 (4 courses from Group II)
PSY5220 Psychology of Leadership and Decision Making
PSY5230 Social & Personality Psychology
PSY5240 Organizations & Group Processes
PSY5250 Advanced Topics in I/O Psychology
III. Mental Health & Well-being Group    
PSY5310 Counseling &Clinical Psychology (See descriptions in the top cell of this column)  12 (4 courses from Group III)
PSY5320 Positive Psychology
PSY5330 Psychological Assessment
PSY5340 Health Psychology
PSY5350 Advanced Topics in Clinical and Counseling Psychology
Total: 33 33 33
Required: 12 12 12
Elective: 21 21 21

 All applicants must fulfil the following qualifications for admission:

Graduated from a recognized university and obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology with an overall grade not lower than “B”. Applicants of non-psychology major would be considered on a case-by-case basis, providing that they had adequate training in psychology.

All applicants must fulfil the English Language Proficiency Requirement:

-    Submit one of the following original score reports/certificates for assessment:
-    TOEFL (normally not lower than 550 paper-based; 213 computer-based; or79 internet-based); or
-    IELTS (Academic) (normally not lower than Band 6.5); or
-    GMAT (Verbal) (normally not lower than 21); or
-    Have a degree from a recognized university in an English-speaking country; or
-    Have obtained a recognized professional qualification awarded in an English-speaking country.


Required Application Materials

Please submit the following items (no. 1-8) to us.

1. Completed Application Form;

2. Official Transcripts from the University attended by applications;

3. Copies of Degree Certificates;

4. Documents showing the applicant has fulfilled the English Language Proficiency Requirement;

5. Confidential Recommendations from Two referees respectively;

6. Personal Statement and CV;

7. Copies of your Identity Card or Passport

8. Other supporting documents upon request.


Application Deadline:

First Round: September 20th, 2019 - November 20th, 2019

Second Round: November 21th, 2019 - March 30th, 2020


Tuition Fee
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